We The Documents

What we do?

We The Document was founded to provide affordable, personalized legal documents to meet a wide variety of needs.

Unfortunately, there are many legal situations that cannot be ignored, and where they cannot be resolved without professional help. However, this doesn't mean that you necessarily have to spend your hard-earned money on attorney's fees.

Wethedocument.com helps many clients to resolve their legal situations very cheaply and efficiently through the work of Legal Document Assistants and the use of standardized legal forms.

There are a huge number of common legal scenarios where clients need similar services and do not require the specialized services that attorneys are able to provide.

Some of the most common legal situations where we help our clients include bankruptcy, divorce, living wills, name change, small claims, notary services, business incorporation, setting up alternate business names (DBAs), the administration of trusts and creating trademarks.

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