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Why work with a legal document assistant?

There are many advantages to working with a Legal Document Assistant over an attorney. Here are some of the most significant.

Save money on legal fees

Legal fees are at the root of many bankruptcies. Attorneys typically charge hourly rates that range from as little as $50 to as much as $500. Retainer fees are also very common. These are analogous to a down payment against future legal fees, where the cost of the attorney in question's legal services is deducted from the retainer over time. Many retainer fees are non-refundable, unless a court rules them to be 'unreasonable'. A high proportion of attorneys also charge hourly rates for a consultation.

In contrast, document preparation services such as wethedocument.com provide consumers with ready-made legal documents for a wide range of legal needs at prices that are a small fraction of comparable legal fees.

Call wethedocument.com today for a free, no obligation consultation and see if you could save a lot of money on legal fees.

Get legal solutions faster

Getting an appointment with an attorney can take weeks. Far more than this, though, the legal processes an attorney may choose to enact can take much longer than simple form-based legal solutions.

In contrast, if you call wethedocument.com, you can speak to our professional staff right away to see if we can help you with your legal needs. Moreover, if you work with us you can have the documents you need as soon as the next business day – all at a fraction of the cost of typical attorney's fees.

Under what circumstances should I get a lawyer?

A Legal Document Assistant can be enormously helpful to people in a wide range of legal scenarios. However, there are certain circumstances where your interests would be better served by retaining an attorney. Typically, these tend to be more complicated cases.

If you are under investigation or on trial, there is no substitute for the assistance of a licensed attorney. Wethedocument.com does not assist clients in these situations. If you find yourself in this position, our advice is to hire a lawyer (or work with a public defender) without delay.

In certain legal situations, state law can be obstructive and difficult to navigate without the advice of an attorney. For example, going through the probate process in Texas can be slow and much more expensive without a licensed attorney to help you through it.

If you call wethedocument.com, our trained staff will go through your situation with you to see whether you need an attorney or our services could be a better fit for you.

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